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Too many people can’t get the mental health care they need because they can’t pay out of pocket or don’t have private insurance. Isn’t healthcare supposed to be universal? Those who can pay are the lucky ones. Thousands of others wait months, and sometimes years, for the treatment and services they need. None of them can afford to wait.

It’s wrong. Cost should never get in the way of care. And that’s why we’re pushing for a truly universal mental health care system, where Canadians can get mental health support when and where they need it. A healthcare system where cost is never a factor. 

How can you help? Sign up below to join the Canadian Mental Health Association in spreading this message far and wide: we need free mental health care and we need it now. Canada needs a mental health care system that takes care of everyone, no matter what, no matter where, no matter who. 

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Fiona’s Story

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Human connection is key to keeping people well. Reid is a retired social worker, a Metis elder and a human […]

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